Aging in the Right Place (AIRP)


Aging in the Right Place (AIRP) is a multi-year, three-city research partnership led by Simon Fraser University focused on understanding what works and why when it comes to efforts at addressing homelessness among older people. This community-based project is designed to build capacity and knowledge, and aims at bridging the gaps between research and practice. It also intends to promote policies that have demonstrated effectiveness in supporting aging in the right place.

AIRP involves supporting older adults to live as long as possible in their homes and communities, while recognizing that where an older person lives impacts their ability to age optimally and must match their unique lifestyles and vulnerabilities.

Most older adults want to age in their own home. However, aging in place may not always be optimal or accessible for all older persons. We know that as you age, it is important to have secure housing to support unique vulnerabilities and lifestyles. There is no “one-size-fits-all” solution for AIRP. Currently, Canada is facing a growing older adult homeless population, yet very little research has been done and AIRP is largely absent from existing literature.

To help address this gap, with the help of community partners Simon Fraser University has developed a framework of indicators relevant for older adults experiencing homelessness. This framework is comprised of six sub-categories of indicators:

  1. Built environment of the housing unit and surrounding neighbourhood;
  2. Offsite and onsite health and social services and resources;
  3. Social integration;
  4. Stability and affordability of place;
  5. Emotional place attachment; and
  6. Broader political and economic contexts

This framework can help in providing practical and meaningful contributions to the literature that can be used to promote AIRP for those who aren’t reflected in other models.

To learn more about AIRP please visit these websites:

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