Aurora Home at Parkview Place

British Columbia

Connexus is working in partnership with the District of Vanderhoof, Northern Health and BC Housing to develop a home for Seniors living with Dementia.


This is a very exciting pilot project and is the first program of its kind here in BC! Aurora Home will be located in a 28 bed facility. It will feature 20 independent seniors living apartments on the 2nd and third floors of the building with the first floor being reserved for 8 memory care suites for adults living with mild to moderate dementia. We want to create a home environment in which adults living with mild to moderate dementia can age in place and continue to live in their home community with supportive care from staff 24 hours a day. Our goal is to slow further loss of memory and cognitive abilities through daily engagement and programming. We will be “doing with not for”, through encouraging residents to participate in meal prep, household tasks and many recreational activities. We want to keep our residents engaged with their community, family and friends. We will encourage family and friends to participate in daily activities and support of their loved ones.


The reason that this new home is different from a long term care facility is that it is focused on resident participation, engagement and holistic approaches to programming individual to each resident. We want our home to be just that, a home, not a facility. We are also working with CTAAN (Centre for Technology Adoption and Aging in the North) to incorporate many new technologies into the home to support dementia care.  Such as, circadian rhythm lighting, way finding lighting, projection devices that engage residents in physical and mental wellness activities, hydroponic gardens and use of flat screen televisions each room for scheduling, activities and connection with their community, family and friends. We want to fill the current gap between assisted living and long term care, by supporting these residents to live in an innovative environment where programming and support delay the progression of their disease.


Connexus Parkview Place Brochure 2

The Program offers:

  •  Supportive housing
  • Nutritious meals
  • Recreational activities
  • Memory enhancing activities/ programming
  • Laundry facilities
  • Housekeeping
  • Support with activities of daily living
  • Medication support
  • Supporting the engagement of all occupants in day to day activities

Philosophy of Care

Individualized, person-centered supportive care program that builds on the uniqueness of each resident with tailored holistic care planning. Reflecting the individual’s history, abilities, culture, needs, strengths, preferences, relationships, emotions and spirituality. In a home environment, that provides comfort and a feeling of familiarity, privacy and personal space.

It is our goal to support and preserve functioning, maximize abilities, promote safety and encourage independence. Understanding the importance of consistency in care and familiar environments, we offer our residents the option to age in place.

Core Values

Dignity, Ensure privacy/personal space, acknowledge and support the uniqueness of each individual we serve. Honouring each individuals needs through knowledge of their past (history), present (abilities and needs) and future goals.


Integrity, Understanding the importance of trust and acting in an honest, sincere manner to cultivate physical, social, spiritual and emotional wellbeing that is sustainable.


Respect, Embracing all cultures, religions and beliefs, and promoting independence and choice through tailored activities that highlight individual traditions, abilities, qualities and achievements.


Compassion/commitment, Create a safe and comfortable home environment fostering support and enriching the lives of those we serve throughout their journey.


Meaningful relationships (High care team to resident ratio allows team members to get to know residents and their family/support network on a personal level in order to better support their needs):

24 hour staffing and support 7 days per week. Support is flexible, individualized and reflective of the resident’s choices, abilities and needs. Providing relationship-rich care deeply rooted in a person/ family centered approach. Focusing on sustaining feelings of belonging, purpose and seeking to preserve identity and a sense of self. Ensuring safety and security through consistency in caregiver support.


Holistic care/ programming (Focusing on the overall wellbeing of each resident including, social, emotional, physical and spiritual health):

Creating a home environment that connects the present to the past through incorporating personal items, pictures and preferences. In an environment that promotes engagement in various household and daily tasks, reinforcing life roles and giving a sense of meaning and purpose. Focusing on meaningful activities, self-care, leisure, ease of access to secure outdoor spaces and life enriching programming. Incorporating the latest research and technology to support aging and accessibility in the North.


Community focus/connections (Encouraging participation throughout the community, support in maintaining connections with family, friends and community organizations/programs):

Fostering open dialogue with individuals and their support network and establishing frequent community engagement opportunities. Involving family and friends provides an opportunity to nurture relationships, share wisdom and participate in the community.


Quality of life/independence (Home environment fostering self-preservation, independence and participation in everyday tasks, events and flexible programming):

Promoting self-direction and facilitating opportunities for meaningful adaptation. Supporting independence and choices through programming that reflects the individuals preferred lifestyle and level of functioning, while providing a sense of belonging, usefulness, pleasure and success. Programming is directed at enriching the live of the individuals we serve through meaningful activities and relationships.














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