Manitoba Association of Senior Centres and Age Friendly Manitoba Initiative


Manitoba Association of Senior Centres (MASC) is a provincial focal point to facilitate healthy aging connected to community life, for older Manitobans and their families by integrating program design and delivery of front line services through leadership, learning, connection and community engagement.

The Age Friendly Manitoba Initiative facilitates healthy aging by providing leadership and encouraging collaboration in creating age-friendly places (communities) that optimize the ability of all older Manitobans to do the things they feel are important.

MASC has partnered with Pegasus Publishing (Lifestyle 55+ News) and CJNU 93.7 FM to ensure older adults have access to relevant and current information (check out the Connecting with Connie initiative). The MASC website is also a source of information and MASC has begun a weekly eblast and monthly newsletter. MASC is currently working with 211, the information hub on services in Manitoba, in encouraging organizations to update their files on the database.

MASC is a leading partner for the Older Winnipeggers Social Engagement Project, which is focused on improving the social inclusion of vulnerable older adults (aged 55+) in Winnipeg. This is a project that aims to:

• Enhance opportunities for social inclusion among older Winnipeggers

• Reduce barriers to accessing transportation by increasing affordable transportation options

• Develop community capacity to identify and engage socially excluded older adults

• Increase the communication and coordination of services between organization

Other Project Partners:

Active Aging in Manitoba (AAIM): AAIM strives for the life-long engagement of older Manitobans in healthy choices and behaviours that contribute to physical, social and mental wellness, independence and quality of life. AAIM promotes programs that enable older Manitobans to stay socially connected, participate in regular physical activity, eat healthy foods and reduce risk for falls and injury.

TONS: TONS informs and educates Manitobans on transportation options that enhance quality of life and promote age-friendly communities. Email:

A&O: To offer specialized programs and services that are accessible to older Manitobans that support and enhance their social, emotional, physical, intellectual and spiritual lives and promote active participation in all aspects of community life. Email:

• The University of Manitoba.

MASC collaborates with other partners and maintains linkages throughout the province on other various initiatives:

1. Manitoba Seniors Coalition

2. B.O.S.S. – Businesses and Organization Supporting Seniors

3. Association of Support Service Coordinators (ASSC)

4. E.R.I.K.

5. Canadian Hard of Hearing

6. Victoria Lifeline

7. Enabling Access Inc: Assistive Devices access

8. Health Checks – Brandon

9. Mensheds Manitoba

10. Bioscience Association

11. University of Manitoba Centre on Aging

12. Coalition for Healthy Aging in Manitoba (CHAM)

13. Aboriginal Senior Resource Centre

14. Manitoba Metis Federation

15. Assembly of MB Chiefs

16. Rainbow Resource Centre

17. Manitoba Possible

18. CNIB

How has the program adapted to COVID-19?  All programs provincially and radio have been affected by COVID.  Many have turned to ZOOM to continue to connect with those who are working from home. Plans for their “new normal” are moving forward to connect. MASC is also a member of the United Way of Winnipeg COVID working group that provided feedback as to how Federal monies should be granted to agencies both within Winnipeg and rurally.


For more information, contact:

Age Friendly Manitoba Initiative (AFMI): Contact Connie Newman at (204) 792-5838 or

Manitoba Association of Senior Centres (MASC): Connie Newman at (204) 792-5838 or


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