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Participant Recruitment: Study on Relationships and Positive Aging for those 55+

November 1

Participants Aged 55+ are invited to participate in a study on relationships and positive aging. The purpose of the current study is to co-design, implement, and evaluate patient-oriented strategies aimed at addressing loneliness and isolation among seniors in Canada. Loneliness refers to the mismatch we may feel between the quantity and quality of our relationships that we actually have and what we desire. Social isolation refers to times when we lack interaction with others, have few social contacts, low quality or fulfillment in relationships, and/or lack a sense of belonging. Due to changes in society, as well as the pandemic, loneliness and social isolation are becoming more common, especially as we age. Social relationships are recognized as having a major positive influence on people’s health and wellbeing, so developing innovative approaches to address them can have a direct impact on health and happiness of older adults.

To take the survey, click here.


For more questions, please contact:

Donna Goodridge RN, PhD Professor, Principle Investigator, University of Saskatchewan at Donna.Goodridge@usask.ca

Jennifer Briere MEd, PhD, Co-Investigator, University of Saskatchewan at Jennifer.Briere@usask.ca 306-966-417