Social innovations are new practices designed to address social needs in more effective ways than the existing approaches. Social innovations often involve changing not only prevailing practices and policies, but also whole structures and systems of service delivery. In doing so, they usually require extensive stakeholder and community engagement and collaboration; effectively integrating research, evaluation and learning; and broadly disseminating, replicating, and/or scaling social impact.

The social innovation initiatives profiled here provide examples of important work being undertaken by the CBSS sector and represent a range of focus areas, strategies, and partnerships underway in various parts of the country.

New submissions are welcomed, to, and should include:

  • A brief description, including program name, partners, time period, goals, and objectives
  • Research/evidence initiative is based on
  • Key program outcomes, learning, and evaluation results
  • Plans for dissemination, replication, and/or scaling social impact
  • Lead organization and contact information
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