Older and Wiser - Be proactive in managing these cold winter months

Margaret Coates, Lionsview Seniors’ Planning Society

It is winter again in the Lower Mainland, and with the season comes dreary rain, perhaps a little snow at times, biting wind and cold.

Every winter, seniors are at an increased risk of depression, isolation, and other health related issues. These factors can adversely affect senior’s well-being and independence. With COVID-19 still very much with us, risk factors are substantially increased. Still, there are strategies for seniors to manage the winter months despite the usual risk factors as well as COVID-19.

Along with the restrictions imposed by inclement weather and risky outdoor conditions normally experienced in the winter, COVID-19 has now forced new restrictions on seniors. Able-bodied seniors, under normal circumstances, could navigate the bad weather conditions to get out of the house and go to their favourite seniors’, recreation, and community centres for activities or to socialize with their peers.

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This article was published as an Older & Wiser column in the North Shore News on November 25, 2020. Margaret Coates is the co-ordinator of Lionsview Seniors’ Planning Society. Ideas for future columns are welcome Email: lions_view@telus.net.

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