Opinion: A resilient recovery starts in our backyards and on our doorsteps

Vancouver Sun: Lisa Helps, Alex Boston, Kahir Lalji, Alison Silgardo, Atiya Mahmood, Bob Simpson

Opinion: A half century ago, most single-family homes were occupied by families of four. Today, a majority are occupied by couples and solos. Solos are, in fact, the fastest growing household. If 10 per cent of single-family homeowners were encouraged to add a suite or laneway home, it could generate 85,000 new rental units. 

This opinion piece highlights some of the current challenges associated with housing in British Columbia and outlines some solutions including secondary suites, laneway homes, and home sharing.

This article was written by Lisa Helps, Alex Boston, Alison Silgardo, Atiya Mahmood, Bob Simpson, and Kahir Lalji (Provincial Coordinator, Population Health, for the United Way of the Lower Mainland).

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Vancouver Sun