Study recruitment: How older adults and their caregivers use assistive technologies - January 2021

Date & Time

Name of the Study: Knowledge Implementation for Scale-up, Spread, and Sustainability of Assistive Technologies (KISSS-AT)

Why is this study being done? This study aims to improve the use and access to assistive technologies for older adults in British Columbia. The study also aims to develop better ways of assessing the challenges people experience when using assistive technologies. Bringing older adults, their family members, and other caregivers together to talk about assistive technologies will be helpful for health care workers and others.

Who can participate in the study? If you are an older adult using or wanting to use an assistive technology of some kind, you are invited to share your experiences about such things as ease of access and use, as well as any challenges. For older adults, you must be 55+ years and living independently. Family members include anyone who is currently providing care and support to an older adult family member. Friends, neighbours and other informal caregivers are also invited to participate if you provide regular support to an older adult. Interested participants must be 19 years or older. You should also be able to complete the interview in English.

.Please see the attached Recruitment Information Flyer and the FAQ sheet for more information. 

If you interested in being part of this important study or finding out more information, please contact:
Dr. Gord Miller, Project Coordinator or 250-893-5869