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Report: Adult Vaccination in Canada: A Cross-Country Report Card

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CanAge has released “Adult Vaccination in Canada: A Cross-Country Report Card”, a groundbreaking new report that assigns each province and territory an objective grade on their immunization efforts. The first report of its kind in our country, it paints a stark and objective picture of how much work there is to be done at a provincial level to protect our older population with the expert-recommended vaccines they need to stay healthy. With an average grade across provinces/territories of D-, there is clearly much to be done to safeguard older people against preventable loss of life, especially as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to threaten vulnerable seniors across the country. It’s time for governments to do better.  
To read the report, originally published on February 23, 2021, visit: https://www.canage.ca/work/vaccine-report/
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    Healthy Aging CORE Team

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    Dec 05, 2022

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