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Dementia Connections
June 20, 2021

Dementia Connections empowers people impacted by dementia to live a good life by connecting them with a community of allies and curated information resources. People living with dementia and family care partners experience multiple disabling factors that threaten their independence and quality of life due to a lack of collaboration, coordination and innovation at individual, organizational and systems levels. Dementia Connections enables access to expert knowledge through connection to allies and curated information resources through print/digital magazine, website and app, acting as:


  1. An information intermediary enabling access to information and tools from multiple sources about dementia, dementia care and innovative approaches a good life to life with dementia
  2. A knowledge translator helping people living with dementia and family care partners to make sense of and apply relevant information to improve daily life
  3. A knowledge broker fostering coproduction of knowledge to improve decision making and amplify the voices and stories of people living with dementia
  4. An innovation broker building bridges that enable knowledge exchange across boundaries and accelerate the transformation of the stigma that surrounds dementia into understanding, empathy, and positive action.

Dementia Connections’ mission is to build a Canada-wide community where collaboration empowers people impacted by dementia to live well with freedom from stigma.


Visit the Dementia Connections website. 

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