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The national knowledge hub connecting organizations that support and advance independent living for older Canadians

Are you an Older Canadian looking for information or assistance? Visit the 211 helpline in your province.

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Embrace Equity was this year's campaign theme for Internal Women's Day

Equality versus Equity: What's the difference as we #EmbraceEquity for IWD 2023 and beyond?The words equity and equality are often used interchangeably. Etymologically, the root word they share is ae

Celebrating Older Men: The Importance of Social Connection

Social connectedness is essential to our overall health and well-being at any age. However, men in our society, especially after retirement, tend to have low levels of social connectedness, often expe

Let's Combat Ageism: Ageism and Negative Thinking

Ageism and Negative Thinking: A Personal Reflection By The Council on Aging of Ottawa: Patrick Curran and Peggy EdwardsWhen I turned 55, it really bothered me. Age 55 was my threshold in the aging pro

Upcoming Trainings & Events

Webinars, workshops, conferences, symposia, and other training and events relevant to healthy aging are listed by date and also indicated on a monthly calendar. Training modules and curricula, archived webinars, and other training resources are also available in the Resources section.


Resources on CORE include checklists, toolkits, reports, studies, videos, and other materials on topics relevant to those working or volunteering in support of healthy aging and older adults independent living.

De Hogeweyk and a Normal Life with Dementia with Jannette Spiering

SilVR Adventures

This interview highlights the work of Jannette Spiering from Be Advice and also De Hogeweyk in the Netherlands. Even if you don’t recognise the names you may know the story, it’s been described as “the dementia village” a name Jannette and the team strongly dislike, but it’s received a lot

What Works Toolkit: Your Diversity Advantage

What Works Toolkit

Welcome to the What Works Toolkit!The What Works Toolkit is an online toolkit, designed for Canadian organizations looking to adopt equity and diversity initiatives within their organizations. It includes tangible actions organizations and individuals can take, resources designed to set out policies

On Aging: Canadian Conversations - On living and dying well, with Jennifer Mallmes

Healthy Aging CORE Canada and HelpAge Canada

Everyone dies, but what does it mean to die a good death? Learn from Jennifer Mallmes, co-founder of the End-of-Life Doula Association of Canada, as she explores the importance of connection for those who are dying and the people around them, and how you can support your loved one in their last days


Discussion groups are where CORE participants can share information and stories, ask questions, learn, and collaborate. Open discussion groups can be accessed by any member of CORE; closed groups are available by invitation only.

Programs and Initiatives

Programs and Initiatives profiled on Healthy Aging CORE provide examples of the important work being done by local, provincial, and national organizations and the value of these programs and initiatives in promoting health and well-being and fostering resilience for older adults seniors.

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Healthy Aging CORE (Collaborative Online Resources and Education) is a platform to connect local, regional, provincial, and national non-profit, government, and academic organizations and coalitions that focus on programs, services, policies, practices, and research aimed at supporting older Canadians to age in place in their homes and communities.
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