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Discussion groups are where CORE participants can share information and stories, ask questions, learn, and collaborate. Open discussion groups can be accessed by any member of CORE; closed groups are available by invitation only.

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The Canadian Community-Based Seniors’ Services (CBSS) Interim Community Leadership Council

The Canadian Community-Based Seniors’ Services (CBSS) Interim Community Leadership Council


Intergenerational Programs and Resources

Intergenerational connections benefit both older and younger people, as well as the communities they live in. Bringing older and younger people together contributes to understanding and respect betwee


COURAGE - Action for Better Aging

COURAGE: Action for Better Aging is a social movement to help people get older on their own terms. This national initiative is led by Covenant Health and SE Health.


Emergency Preparedness, Response, and Recovery for Older Canadians

This Group is for sharing relevant resources and events; effective programs, policies, and practices; and recent research related to emergency preparedness, response, and recovery for Canadian seniors


Healthy Aging Book Corner

It can be hard to keep up with the increasing number of books available on the subject of aging, but the Healthy Aging Book Corner will hopefully help you find some topics to pique your interest. This


Social Prescribing (National)

What is Social prescribing? Social prescribing involves connecting people to non-clinical services in their communities to improve their health and well-being. This could include services such as art

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Professionnels et Parties Prenantes Francophones

Ce groupe s\'adresse aux professionnels francophones ainsi qu\'aux autres parties prenantes qui travaillent pour soutenir des aînés de la communauté. Ce groupe est un espace pour partager des resso


Age-Friendly Communities

“Age-Friendly” is an internationally recognized designation that communities earn by planning and taking action aimed at accommodating the changing needs of older residents and ensuring their comm


Technology Resource Library (Tech Corner)

Technology has become an increasingly essential tool for individuals to access information, goods and services, ​health and community programs, and social connections. For those providing informatio


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