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Programs and Initiatives profiled on Healthy Aging CORE provide examples of the important work being done by local, provincial, and national organizations and the value of these programs and initiatives in promoting health and well-being and fostering resilience for older adults seniors.

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[Support Group] Caregivers Connect: Mindfulness for Caregiving

Mindfulness could be characterized as a practice, an art, a way of being, a way of life. The challenges of caregiving can cause a great degree of stress that is often detrimental to our health and wel

[Campaign] Toronto for All - Anti-Ageism in the Workplace

Ageism is the most socially accepted, normalized and tolerated form of discrimination today. It is the stereotyping and discrimination against individuals or groups based on their age. Ageism, like ra

[Campaign] Ageism Awareness Work in Saskatchewan

In Saskatchewan, SSM has worked to analyze whether ageism is present in our population, how it is recognized and how we might reduce or eliminate its destructive effects.The Ageism and Media project (

[Campaign] Lets Stop Ageism - Alberta Council on Aging

Alberta Council on Aging began working on the Let’s Stop Ageism campaign to address the link between ageism and the harm of older persons. Older people themselves often perpetuate myths, biases and

[Organization] Aging Manitoba Workforce

Manitoba’s and Canada’s workforces are rapidly aging. This is evidenced through demographic and socio-economic changes. With increases in lifespan, people are working past the traditional retireme

[Program] Toronto: Out of The Cold

Click HERE to learn moreOut of the Cold is an interfaith program that strives to respond in a meaningful way to the basic physical needs of shelter, food and warm clothing for the less fortunate membe

[P.E.I. Program] Mental Health & Addictions Access Line

Prince Edward Island offers a network of mental health and addictions programs, services and supports as part of the health care system, other government departments and by community organizations

[Program] iGen Saskatoon Public Schools

For more information please visit the following pageshttps://www.saskatoonpublicschools.ca/program/igen/Pages/default.aspx#/=https://www.saskatoonpublicschools.ca/Schools/elementaryprograms/igen/Pages

[Organization] Canadian Association of Community Health Centres

Click HERE to visit CACHC website to learn moreThe Canadian Association of Community Health Centres is the federal voice for Community Health Centres and community-oriented, people-centred primary hea


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