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Building Relations - Bronson RISE, Kateri Native Ministry

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Program Description: In collaboration with Bronson RISE, the Kateri Native Ministry is embarking on Building Relations, a new intergenerational program bringing together elders of all different cultures with Indigenous youth to openly discuss and learn from one another about their cultures and experiences. Through this project, they are working toward gaining a deeper collective understanding of aging from different cultures and generations. The program is undertaking five Indigenous led knowledge exchange/sharing circles with the elders and youth, discussing topics of their traditions, culture, food, language and much more. By having an open sharing discussion, a space is created for people to get to know one another, contributing to healing and reconciliation. Through a program like Building Relations, generations are able to work together to identify and deconstruct stereotypes of aging by understanding where they originate and learning more about each other. The better people get to know one another, the more capable they are of tackling ongoing issues such as racism and ageism. The sharing circles are led by Indigenous youth, in dialogue with elders from both the Chinese communities and Afro-Caribbean communities in Ottawa. The stories and dialogue offer a compelling and innovative approach to deepening understanding across cultures and generations, offering a unique and important aspect of engagement and social inclusion, that goes beyond staying active. The Building Relations project is funded through Employment and Social Development Canada - New Horizons for Seniors Programs. Organization Descriptions: Kateri Native Ministry, is committed to the healing, reconciliation, and spiritual growth of Indigenous people. Guided by the Spirit using two principle instruments, healing and training, the work of the Kateri Native Ministry is focused on reconciliation within themselves, among people, among communities, within creation, and with the creator. Bronson RISE (Real Inclusion by Seniors Everywhere) is an inclusive, diverse, senior-led “collective impact project” aimed at fighting social isolation and increasing inclusion for seniors. A project of the Bronson Centre community hub in downtown Ottawa, this five-year initiative is implementing a variety of activities for older adults in the community.  

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