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Caregiver Centered Care Course - University of Alberta Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry

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Caregiver Centered Care is person-centered care for family caregivers. It is about a collaborative working relationship between families and health and community care professionals. This means supporting family caregivers in their caregiving role, decisions about services, care management, and advocacy.

The Caregiver Centred Care course, by the University of Alberta Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry, provides the baseline knowledge and skills required by all workers who interact with family caregivers in all settings (caregiver's own home, community, and healthcare.).

The foundational education course takes about an hour to complete and is free online.

This course has been recommended nationally for staff education by Healthcare Excellence Canada (Canadian Foundation for Healthcare Improvement).

The course was evaluated and was determined to be very successful (see here: Evaluation Infographic). The qualitative comments provided support the gains in knowledge and confidence: "I found the videos extremely helpful and informative. I was able to more clearly understand the roles that others play in mentoring and supporting the caregiver and their loved ones. This is an excellent self-guided course that I would highly recommend to anyone including professionals & care providers. The length of the course is perfect and the information presented is inclusive, informative and respectful.” "This is a well thought out program which engages the learner no matter if novice or how well versed you may be as a professional. It’s nice to have some modern education that reflects current issues and ways to help clinicians work through the daily challenges."

For more information, contact Dr. Jasneet Parmar (jasneet.parmar@ahs.ca) or Dr. Sharon Anderson (sdanders@ualberta.ca). Click here to take the course.

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