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Gatekeeper - BC Association of Community Response Networks (BC CRN)

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Program Description: Gatekeeper is a tool used by local CRNs (Community Response Networks) to work directly with essential workers to learn to spot the signs of adult abuse, neglect, and self-neglect, the role of the Public Guardian and Trustee of BC, and how to correctly and respectfully refer individuals to the appropriate agency for support and help. Gatekeeper takes the form of presentations and workshops of any length specifically geared to essential workers, and community groups and service providers who have regular contact with the general public and vulnerable adult populations as part of their daily work activities. All program participants learn:
  • The role of the local CRN and how they work with “gatekeepers”.
  • The role of the “gatekeeper” in the community, and what they can do to address abuse and neglect.
  • The different forms of adult abuse and neglect.
  • How and when to refer the individual to help
All presentations and workshops are available to groups and teams anywhere in BC. They are also free of charge in an effort to reduce any financial barriers to groups interested in keeping their community’s most vulnerable safe. Adaptations to Covid-19: BC CRN shifted from in-person workshops and presentations to offering all programs, including Gatekeeper, as online sessions through Zoom with support materials provided openly and free of charge at https://bccrns.ca/   Organization Description: The BC Association of Community Response Networks (BC CRN) grew out of the need to create an on-going, permanent provincial funding and support structure for the benefit of vulnerable adults who are experiencing abuse, neglect or self-neglect. BC CRN works with communities to establish community response networks (CRNs) that raise awareness on and educate the public on adult abuse, neglect, and self-neglect prevention. BC CRN also provides small project funding, education, tools, and support to CRNs in outreach to support designated agencies and community support services to coordinate responses to any suspected cases. Currently, there are 81 CRNs serving 233 communities in the province, and this number continues to grow. Teams that comprise the association, including the board of directors, management, administration, mentors, coordinators, and volunteers are geographically dispersed and located all over BC. Gatekeeper is offered to communities across the province through the association’s community response networks (CRNs).    
For more information on Gatekeeper, visit https://bccrns.ca/programs/gatekeeper-program/   To book a free Gatekeeper session email: programs@bccrns.ca   For more information on BC CRN, visit https://bccrns.ca

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