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Generations United is a nonprofit organization that focuses on promoting intergenerational collaboration and support. The organization works to improve the lives of children, youth, and older adults by fostering connections and creating opportunities for different generations to come together.

Generations United aims to strengthen families and communities by recognizing the importance of intergenerational relationships and the value that each generation brings. The organization advocates for policies and programs that support intergenerational collaboration in areas such as education, health, and social services.

Through research, advocacy, and partnerships, Generations United strives to raise awareness about the benefits of intergenerational connections and address issues such as ageism and social isolation. The organization provides resources, tools, and training to professionals, policymakers, and community members to help them create and sustain intergenerational programs and initiatives.

Generations United also organizes events, conferences, and campaigns to promote intergenerational understanding and engagement. The organization believes that when generations come together, they can share knowledge, skills, and experiences, resulting in stronger families, communities, and societies as a whole.

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    Generations United


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