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Kamloops Adult Learners Society is a non-profit educational society whose mission is to increase the availability and access of educational opportunities in the Kamloops/Thompson region for adults who wish to enhance their lifestyle through lifelong learning. The Society is member funded.
Since the Kamloops Adult Learners’ Society inception, many friendships have been formed and members have expressed their appreciation for the diversity of courses offered and the opportunity to attend daytime courses of interest at a low cost. Members believe that KALS courses have enhanced their knowledge of other nations and provided them a better understanding of different cultures, for example. Steady growth in membership and course offerings from 2005 to 2020 also points to growing impact. In addition, we have established formal and informal partnerships with a variety of community organizations, such as the Kamloops Sports Council and the Big Little Science Centre. Two articles by a Thompson Rivers University researcher provide further insight into the organization’s impact: . Ratsoy, Ginny. “The Kamloops Adult Learners Society: Leadership through Organic Partnerships and Knowledge Support in the Small City.” Ed. Terry Kading. No Straight Lines: Local Leadership and the Path from Government to Governance in Small Cities. Calgary: U of C Press, 2018: 175-204.  https://press.ucalgary.ca/books/9781552389447/ Ratsoy, Ginny. "The Roles of Canadian Universities in Heterogeneous Third-Age Learning: A Call for Transformation.” Canadian Journal of Higher Education. (46):1. 2016. pp. 76-90. View of The Roles of Canadian Universities in Heterogeneous Third-Age Learning: A Call for Transformation | Canadian Journal of Higher Education (sfu.ca)
The Kamloops Adult Learners Society is fortunate to have board members, program committee members, and instructors from different backgrounds who share their skills and knowledge and involve a variety of community contacts. A challenge the Society is facing is a lack of volunteers. Although the Society is currently vibrant, we are aware that burnout can be an issue.
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