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[Organization] Canadian Centre for Caregiving Excellence

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What They Do

The Canadian Centre for Caregiving Excellence supports and empowers caregivers and care providers, advances the knowledge and capacity of the caregiving field, and advocates for effective and visionary social policy, with a disability-informed approach.

How They Do It

We offer programs and supports for caregivers and care providers. We bring together stakeholders, translate knowledge to practice, scale what works and fill gaps through innovation. Our expertise and insight, drawn from the lived experiences of caregivers and care providers, help us campaign for better systems and lasting change. We are more than just a funder; we work closely with our partners and grantees towards shared goals.

What is a caregiver?

Caregivers provide support to people with physical, intellectual, or developmental disabilities, medical conditions, mental illness, or needs related to aging. Caregivers are family, friends and other natural supports (like neighbours or chosen family) who provide care because of a relationship, not as a job or career. The caregiver role is mutually determined by the person and their caregiver(s).

What is a care provider?

Care providers include paid support professionals such as direct support professionals, personal support workers and respite workers.

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    Canadian Centre for Caregiving Excellence


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