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Convene & Investigate Grant Applications Open January 16

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Exciting News for 2023

We've made funding more accessible! In the past, we required Investigate research projects to match funds, but in 2023, both Convene and Investigate grants will not require applicants to match their funding request. As part of our commitment to trust-based philanthropy and equitable grant-making, we hope to address and remove barriers to accessing grants.

Considering Applying?

We offer two different grant types to reflect the different stages of a participatory action research process: 

Participatory Action Research Grants at a Glance

What? Convene

Purpose of Grant? To develop a participatory action research project plan.

Maximum funding available? Up to $20,000

Length of grant? Up to 1 year

Requires matching funds? No

Application process? One-stage


What? Investigate

Purpose of Grant? To investigate the root cause(s) of a pressing issue, impacting the health of communities.

Maximum funding available? Up to $100,000

Length of grant? Up to 3 years

Requires matching funds? No

Application process? Two-stage

Please note: To be eligible for a PAR grant, the research project must be a collaboration between community organizations and institutions with access to an ethics board, such as universities and research institutions.

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  • Start Date

    Jan 16, 2023

  • End Date

    Feb 13, 2023


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