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LGBTQ2 projects fund call for proposals

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Context for the call for proposals

Although much progress has been made in Canada towards protecting rights and improving equality for LGBTQ2 communities, stigma and discrimination persist, and drive long-standing and ongoing inequities between LGBTQ2 and non-LGBTQ2 people in Canada in a broad range of areas.

Objective of the call for proposals

The objective of this call for proposals is to support community-informed projects that will address key issues facing LGBTQ2 communities.

Key action areas

Projects should aim to advance equality for LGBTQ2 people. They should include new activities that address the unequal treatment of LGBTQ2 people and target their needs. Projects must support actions in one or more of the following areas:
  • Policies and practices Address anti-LGBTQ2 discrimination and other barriers to equality. This can target various levels such as sectors, professional field, government legislation:
    • Create, change, or remove policies such as rules, regulations and courses of action
    • Create, change or remove practices such as the usual way of doing something
  • Knowledge, tools, and support
    • Equip LGBTQ2 people and those who serve them with knowledge, tools and support
    • Equip LGBTQ2 people to access and navigate services
    • Assist LGBTQ2 people to gain and apply skills and overcome barriers
    • Assist LGBTQ2 people to get support to address past harms and gain resilience
(Note: this does NOT include activities related to the work that an organization already does, the continued development of a tool already in progress, the distribution of tools and supports an organization already provides.)
  • Norms, attitudes, and behaviours
    • Challenge and change assumptions, prejudices, and stereotypes
    • Challenge and change how people think, act, and how they treat LGBTQ2 people
  • Authority, voice, and decision-making
    • Include those directly affected by inequality and with lived experience
    • Make sure they are an important part of discussions and solutions.
  • Increasing impact through cross-sector collaboration
    • Collaborate with other existing groups or equality-seeking organizations to extend the reach or impact of a project
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