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[Toronto Funding Opportunity] 2023 TORONTO’S VITAL SIGNS GRANTS

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Toronto’s Vital Signs Grants aim to surface and support high-impact organizations and their visionary work in tackling our city’s inequities. These organizations are equipped to identify and advance solutions for their communities as they address current challenges and advocate for equity. 


New this year, in an effort to make funding more accessible to organizations that experience great barriers to opportunities, we have expanded the scope of eligibility for the 2023 Toronto’s Vital Signs Grants (TVS Grants) to include both charities and nonprofits. Historically, nonprofits (previously referred to as non-qualified donees) have received a significantly smaller proportion of all charitable donations. But after extensive lobbying by the sector, recent changes in legislation have enabled funders like Toronto Foundation to support nonprofits directly. Incorporated nonprofits do not need to apply with a charitable trustee. 

The 2023 Toronto’s Vital Signs Grants will focus on small nonprofits and charities with operating budgets up to $500,000, working to build their internal capacity their internal capacity. The program includes a one-time, project-based grant, with additional opportunities for promotion through Toronto Foundation’s extensive network of donors. 

  • Funder

    Toronto Foundation

  • Start Date

    Sep 25, 2023

  • End Date

    Oct 20, 2023


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