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[Article] Healthy aging in a changing climate

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Healthy aging in a changing climate

Dr. Michael Kobor and Dr. Kim Schmidt on how the environment affects the way we age, and what we can do to protect our health.

As humans, we are deeply connected to our environment. It’s a connection that becomes more evident as we grow older, with our natural surroundings playing a vital role in shaping our overall health and longevity. Climate change threatens this delicate balance, exposing us to environmental stressors that can have a significant impact on our ability to age healthily.

Scientists at the Faculty of Medicine’s Edwin S.H. Leong Centre for Healthy Aging are studying these impacts and finding ways to help people age well in a changing climate. To learn more about their work, we spoke with Dr. Michael Kobor (MK), the Edwin S.H. Leong UBC Chair in Healthy Aging — a UBC President’s Excellence Chair — and Dr. Kim Schmidt (KS), the program’s research director.

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  • Date

    Oct 17, 2023

  • By

    Dr. Michael Kobor and Dr. Kim Schmidt


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