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Research and Knowledge Mobilization Submissions to CORE Canada

When CBSS agencies are engaged in research as active partners, there can be a considerable added value to the research, and benefit to the agency and the community. Value-add can include validation of research through access to different sources of knowledge and increased opportunity for qualitative information; community empowerment; organizational learning; and development of relationships that can activate application of knowledge. 

To disseminate research and support its application to real-world practice, it must be mobilized through means accessible to practitioners and policymakers. CORE Canada provides a platform to bridge research and practice by: 

If you are an organization interested in sharing research results or opportunities for participation on CORE Canada, please complete and send the appropriate submission template below to canada@healthyagingcore.ca

Please note that all submissions must be consistent with the requirements for content on CORE: 

Research Conference and Symposia Submissions: If you have a research event relevant to healthy aging and community-based seniors’ services and would like to share program and registration information and/or calls for presentations, please fill out this template.

New Healthy Aging Research Submissions: Research studies and reports included on CORE are vetted to ensure they are relevant to healthy aging, current, and reflective of best practice. If you have a research report you would like to share on CORE, please fill out this template.

Research Participation Opportunities: Supporting the creation and mobilization of knowledge about how we age, and the kinds of environments, supports, policies, and practices that contribute to healthy aging is an important goal of CORE. CORE provides an opportunity to connect researchers with members of the CBSS sector, to further the goal of supporting and advancing the health, wellbeing, and independence of older Canadians. Research participation opportunities posted on CORE range from basic requests to distribute surveys or participate in interviews or focus groups, to more involved partnerships. To be included on CORE, submissions must demonstrate a commitment to:

Please send to canada@healthyagingcore.ca. a brief description of the research initiative, the timeframe (deadline), who can participate and how, any relevant promotional materials, and a brief note on how the above commitments will be met.