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Resources for Community-Based Research and Evaluations

Resources for Conducting Community-Based Research

Community-based research refers to research that is community-driven and incorporates community partners throughout the research process in meaningful ways. When CBSS agencies are engaged in research as active partners, there can be a considerable added value to the research, and benefit to the agency and the community. Below is a list of resources for researchers and CBSS organizations who are interested in learning more about conducing community-based research.

Resources for Conducting Evaluations

Evaluations of community-based programs or initiatives are important ways that organizations serving seniors can show the impacts of their work, assess their progress towards meeting their goals, and learn how they can improve their programs and processes. Different types of evaluations can be conducted depending on what you want to learn. For example, an outcome evaluation measures the effects of a program on its target audience, while a developmental evaluation can be used to support ongoing learning and adaptation of the program. Below is a list of resources that may be useful for organizations interested in learning more about conducting evaluations: 

Resources for Working with Data

Are you new to working with quantitative (numerical) data or need a brush-up on understanding statistics? The resources below may be helpful for you: