Anti-Ageism in the Workplace

City of Toronto
Description / Summary

Ageism is the most socially accepted, normalized and tolerated form of discrimination today. It is the stereotyping and discrimination against individuals or groups based on their age. Ageism, like racism and sexism stems, from the assumption that all people of a group (i.e. older people) are the same. Within the workplace, older adults are less likely to be hired, receive training and experience more discrimination than their younger colleagues.

Five ways you can combat ageism in the workplace:

  1. Take the World Health Organization’s (WHO) Ageist Attitudes quiz Opens in new window
  2. Use these tips to look out for signs of age discrimination at work
  3. Start a conversation about ageism by sharing our “Aging Cream” ageism awareness video or downloading the campaign posters
  4. Talk to your HR department about your organization’s people policies and practices
  5. Take the NICE Relating to Older People Evaluation PDF

The website also includes the following topics:

- The Importance of ageism awareness

- Ageism in the world

- Ageism in Canada

- Ageism against older employees in the workplace

- Creating a more age-inclusive workplace