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[eLearning Modules] Cannabis and Older Adults

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Cannabis and Older Adults Asynchronous eLearning


Also available in French

11 individually accredited modules (MOC and MainPro+). No cost to learners. For physicians, nurse practitioners, pharmacists, nurses, other health care professionals and health care students.

Thank you for your interest in the Cannabis and Older Adults eLearning Modules, developed by the Canadian Coalition for Seniors’ Mental Health in partnership with Baycrest.

CCSMH received muti-year funding from Health Canada to develop MOC and MainPro+ accredited evidence-based e-learning modules and knowledge translation tools for physicians, other health providers and healthcare students. The goal of the project was to help increase clinician knowledge and skills regarding cannabis and older adults. The Scientific Planning Committee, comprised of academics and physicians from across Canada, developed the e-learning module content based on key principles of adult learning and collaborative instructional design with the support of an e-learning specialist. The modules are free and asynchronous, and participants can choose which modules they wish to take.

We began the process with a review of the scientific literature and a needs assessment survey so the information needs of the target audiences could be incorporated into the education content. Over 1500 individuals across Canada responded to the survey including 195 Physicians, 43 Nurse Practitioners, over 500 other healthcare providers and 686 older adults. Some highlights of the survey include:

  • 89% of physicians and nurse practitioners reported they are aware of older adults in their practice using cannabis but only 39% felt that they had sufficient knowledge to address older patients and their caregivers’ questions about cannabis
  • 41% of older adults responded that their healthcare provider was not able to answer their questions on cannabis
  • Anxiety, pain and insomnia are the most common reasons that older adults reported using cannabis

The modules are each 30-45 minutes in length and available in English and French. Topics include the evidence for cannabis and older adults, adverse effects, dosing and how to communicate with patients. A Clinician Toolkit has also been developed, in addition to Info Sheets for older adults.

Examples of clinician topics include:

  • Assessing Appropriateness of Cannabis Use for Older Adults
  • Optimizing Communication with Older Adults About Cannabis
  • Monitoring for Potential Adverse Effects of Cannabis Among Older Adults
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    Mar 12, 2024

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