Findings of Project Impact Evaluation of Chilliwack Healthier Community

Chilliwack Healthier Community (CHC), Project Impact Team Members: Sabine Mendez, Karen Stanton, Mike Sikora, Jennifer Hawkins, William Klaassen
Description / Summary

Since its inception, Chilliwack Healthier Community (CHC) has placed a great deal of importance on both data-driven strategic planning and accountability towards measurable progress. Historically, the Measuring and Monitoring Working Group (MMWG) has been responsible for this work. However, measuring the actual impacts of collaboration towards a “healthier community” poses significant challenges.

Finding meaningful indicators directly attributable to CHC activities has proven elusive in the face of issues with complex causes that themselves are influenced by so many societal factors. At the same time, a demonstration of effective results from collective efforts remains vital for continued commitment from funders and participants.

Towards a solution to this conundrum, members of the Organizational Structure Working Group (OSWG) and the broader partner membership agreed to undergo an extensive evaluation process subsidized by the United Way of the Lower Mainland. In October 2019, an evaluation team comprised of selected members of the MMWG and OSWG joined the 2019/2020 Fraser Valley Cohort for Project Impact—a participatory evaluation process facilitated by Dialogues in Action through Dr. Steve Patty, a notable expert in developmental evaluation. Spanning eight months, Project Impact involved hundreds of hours of collective work. The CHC evaluation team received training and coaching in the following topics: the nature of effective evaluation; defining organizational impact; determining appropriate indicators; understanding theory of change; interview sampling and methods; qualitative and quantitative protocols; methods of analysis; determining the significance of findings.

For the full report, see the attached document.