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International Longevity Centre Canada (ILC-C)

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The International Longevity Centre- Canada (ILC-C) is a Toronto-based non-profit think tank created in 2015 and located in Ottawa, Ontario. Their mission is to provide policy makers, governments, industry, academic institutions and other stakeholders with valuable resources on matters pertaining to healthy active aging. ILC Canada is also a strong advocate for the rights of older people, and is part of a global alliance of 16 Centers dedicated to the needs and interests of the elderly. They have a number of initiatives and campaigns in place to make Canada a leader in combating ageism and providing older people with the necessary resources to remain healthy and active. They also work with the United Nations to advocate for the human rights of older persons. The ILC-C focuses on research, education, and policy related to aging and longevity. It strives to address issues affecting older adults, such as social isolation, financial stability, and healthcare, and to promote positive aging and the integration of older adults into society. The ILC-C conducts research, provides public education, and develops policies to improve the well-being of older adults. Such activities and initiatives include working to have Canada lead a United Nations convention on the rights of older persons, providing education and training on ageism, and launching the Canadian Coalition Against Ageism (CCAA), a nation-wide social change movement to combat ageism against older people while strengthening and protecting their human rights.

 Some of the specific activities and initiatives of the ILC-C include:

1) Research: The ILC-C conducts research on a variety of topics related to aging and longevity, including healthcare, social care, housing, and technology. 

2) Public education: The organization provides public education on aging-related issues through events, webinars, and other resources.

3) Policy development: The ILC-C works to develop policies and initiatives that support and empower older adults and promote positive aging.

4) Advocacy: The organization advocates for the rights of older adults and works to combat ageism.

The ILC-C is committed to improving the well-being of older adults and promoting positive aging in Canada. Please visit their website for more information https://www.ilccanada.org/.

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