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Loneliness Monetisation Report: June 2020

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There is scarce up-to-date evidence on the impact of loneliness on wellbeing in the UK, including on life satisfaction. Loneliness cannot be manipulated experimentally, hindering efforts to fully grasp the magnitude of its adverse impacts on society. However, this area is gaining increasing attention by researchers as well as by policy makers. The contribution this study wishes to make to the field is to introduce nonmarket monetisation methods, enabling monetary values to be attached to the negative impact of loneliness. This will facilitate the assessment of interventions aimed at alleviating loneliness. It is clear that the effects of loneliness are pervasive and that few areas of daily life are not affected by it. In an effort to improve understanding of the phenomenon, we have broadened the research scope to monetise the impacts of loneliness on wellbeing, health and work productivity. Click here for the full report.
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    Healthy Aging CORE Team

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    Dec 05, 2022

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