Neighbours Helping Neighbours Program - Gabriola, BC: The Secrets of Living series

Stories for Caregivers
Description / Summary

Communities where life expectancy is significantly higher than the global average all share some key characteristics when it comes to wellbeing. As we get better at identifying and learning more about these mysterious and extraordinary communities, one question arises: can they be replicated? Gabriola Island is setting out to see what happens when they adopt these principles to develop a community-wide approach to caregiving.

With thanks to the United Way's social prescribing funding stream, People for a Healthy Community (PHC) has been able to strengthen their efforts at building their community’s awareness and ability to stay connected, to eat healthily, and to stay active, amidst a particularly challenging time.

Through their Neighbours Helping Neighbours Program, PHC matches caring volunteers up with people in their neighbourhood who need a little extra help. From running errands for those needing to stay home, to checking in regularly over the phone to make sure people have regular social contact, neighbours helping neighbours truly are the backbone of a healthy community.

This video, funded by the TELUS Fund and produced by Close to the Sun Productions, gives a closer look at what PHC is doing to promote healthy aging in our community.

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