IN OUR OWN WORDS - WHAT OLDER PEOPLE SAY ABOUT DISCRIMINATION AND HUMAN RIGHTS IN OLDER AGE: A consultation by the Global Alliance for the Rights of Older People

The Global Alliance For the Rights of Older People
Description / Summary

In our own words: What older people say about discrimination and human rights in older age: a consultation by the global alliance for the rights of older people (2015)

The global alliance for the rights of older people (GAROP) is a network of over 115 civil society organizations from around the world who have come together to strengthen and promote the rights of older people. GAROP member organisations were invited in September-October 2014 to take part in a consultation to hear from older people and their representative organizations how older people are being discriminated against, what impact this has on their lives and why they think this is happening. They were also asked about what rights they felt older people were being denied. (see annex 1 for the consultation questions.)

Just over 2000 people took part in the consultation from across 50 countries. (see annex 2 for a list of countries.) The vast majority of participants were over the age of 50 with around 120 people under the age of 50. Approximately 55% of the participants were women and 45% were men. 5 people were invited to respond as individuals or as part of group discussions. Participants were self-selecting so their responses cannot be considered to be a representative sample of GAROP membership or of older people more generally. This report presents the themes and issues raised by the participants. It uses their own words, expressions and phrases and their responses have not been weighted in any way.

Please use this report to:

  1. Help develop your own organization’s position on a new convention on the rights of older people
  2. Discuss with government older people’s rights in your country, implications this report has for a new convention on the rights of older people, and participation in the 6th session of the OEWGA
  3. Share with all networks and media