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[Podcast] Supporting Family Caregivers in Healthcare Through Research, Education and in Practice with Dr. Jasneet Parmar (Episode 94)

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Supporting Family Caregivers in Healthcare Through Research, Education and in Practice with Dr. Jasneet Parmar (Episode 94)

Caregiver's Compass

Podcast Dr Parmar (Jasneet) recorded with Stephanie Muskat of Caregiver's Compass

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Caregivers are aware there are significant gaps in our healthcare system, yet some of the answers to these gaps are found in supporting and providing education to the healthcare workers on the front lines. It was not until recently that Dr. Jasneet Parmar and her team sought to change the landscape of caregivers in healthcare and began to create and distribute peer-reviewed, validated trainings for care providers to change the engagement between the healthcare team and caregivers on the frontlines. These trainings and further education, research and her own work as a physician are truly shifting how the system works with caregivers at the forefront.

About Dr. Jasneet Parmar:

Dr. Jasneet Parmar is a Care of the Elderly physician and has worked for the Specialized Geriatrics Program, in Edmonton, since 1992. She is a Professor at the Department of Family Medicine at the University of Alberta. She currently works in the Homeliving Care of the Elderly Services and provides assessments to homebound seniors. Jasneet has been very active in developing and implementing clinical programs for the care of the elderly. Her research is focused on supporting family caregivers by the healthcare system.

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    May 17, 2024

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