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Poverty in Canada Through a Deprivation Lens

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Poverty in Canada Through a Deprivation Lens

by: Michael Mendelson, Geranda Notten, Richard Matern & Sofia Seer

An alternative approach to measuring a household’s standard of living is to look at outcomes rather than inputs – that is, assessing a household’s standard of living by looking at the goods and services it has, or has access to, and the activities in which it participates. This method of measuring poverty is called a material deprivation index (MDI), although this label may be a little misleading, because non-material aspects of a household’s standard of living are also included, such as participation in activities.

Food Banks Canada, in collaboration with the Maple Leaf Centre for Food Security and Maytree, initiated a project to develop and apply a Material Deprivation Index (MDI) in Canada. The completed research report, Measuring Poverty with a Material Deprivation Index (MDI): An Updated Index for Canada (Notten et al., 2024), is available in English and French on the Food Banks Canada website at www.foodbankscanada.ca (as well as on the Maple Leaf Centre, Maytree, and Environics Institute for Survey Research websites). That report describes the research process in detail, including the rigorous analytic techniques that we used to develop and apply a Canadian MDI to describe poverty in Canada.

Access the Report here.

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