Recorded Webinar: Supporting a Family Caregiver (a friend,colleague and/or employee) in the Workplace

Family Caregivers of BC
Description / Summary

When a work colleague or friend is going through any sort of challenge related to caregiving, small gestures of caring and support can go a long way. But often we don’t fully understand the scope of their caregiving role and are unsure of what to say or how to support, so we end up doing or saying nothing. This webinar informs participants on what it looks like to be a family caregiver, while also providing strategies and tips on ways to show care and support for someone who is caring for a loved one, while simultaneously balancing work demands.

On August 18, 2020, Family Caregivers of BC hosted this 30-minute webinar which discussed:

  • The definition of family caregiving and identify a) as a caregiver yourself b) a colleague, friend or employee as a caregiver
  • The scope of family caregiving, including the many roles, tasks and activities the role involves
  • Practical ways and strategies to support a family caregiver in the workplace and outside of work hours – for employees and employers
  • Where to find resources and supports for family caregivers in British Columbia
Subject Area