Report: Assessment of Kamloops Food System - Sept 2020

Emily Pletsch, Robyn McLean, Kamloops Food Policy Council
Description / Summary

The Assessment of Kamloops Food System project focused on understanding to what extent is the Kamloops Food Policy Council (KFPC) achieving its defined vision and values for the Kamloops food system and what actions need to be taken in building our ideal food system, one that is regenerative, sovereign and just. In the report, the authors outline value statements of the KFPC and compare the ideal food system to where the community is currently at in meeting that vision. Both areas of future research and gaps in knowledge are identified. Two themes are presented as being crucial to change; mindsets and power dynamics. Different ways to approach these shifts are discussed. 

The KFPC received funding for this project as part of the Community Food Action Initiative of Interior Health. 

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