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[Report] Link Workers in Social Prescribing for Young People Work

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Link Workers in Social Prescribing for Young People Work: A Case Study From Sheffield Futures

Feb 7, 2024


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Introduction: Social Prescribing has an established recognition regarding the benefits provided to the health-related social needs of adults, but little is known about how the intervention addresses young people’s needs. There is optimism regarding the central role of two core mechanisms that allows social prescribing to be effective, such as the empathetic role of Link Workers and the connection with community resources.

This paper aims to describe the role played by Link Workers working a Social Prescribing intervention targeting young people.

Description: This paper adopts a case study methodology to describe the role of Link Workers addressing young people’s needs and implementing Social Prescribing scheme in Sheffield (UK). Data were collected through semi-structured interviews with four of the seven link workers of one organisation based in Sheffield. Data were analysed through an inductive approach for emerging themes.

Discussion: We provided a description of the profiles and background of Link Workers and described the three models of referral pathways into the intervention. The paper also shows how Link Workers identify young people’s needs and how they connect with the community.

Conclusion: Based on the insights and the internationally accepted definition of Social Prescribing, we provide a visual representation of the Social Prescribing model and discuss challenges. The paper highlights lessons learned and future directions regarding the role of Link Workers from the case study.

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    Mar 04, 2024

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