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[Research] "You don't have to be related to be family": An intergenerational program in Metro Vancouver

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This study explores the long-term impact community-based, nonfamilial intergenerational (IG) programs have on the lives of participants as well as identifies key organizational attributes of IG programming. The existing literature on IG programs has mostly focused on short-term outcomes from the perspective of one generation and rarely considers the participants' and program provider experiences jointly. Semi-structured interviews took place with older adult participants (n=4), younger adult participants (n=5), and the program provider of an IG program, Family Match in Metro Vancouver. The findings of this study indicate that mechanisms of generativity initiated by the Family Match program facilitate the development of diverse, long-term, intergenerational volunteer kinships that enrich the participants' lives and actively expand their social support network. Program facilitators and barriers are highlighted, and practical recommendations are provided. Community-based, nonfamilial IG programs contribute to addressing complex social issues by purposefully connecting generations and creating an age-integrated and inclusive community for all.

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  • By

    Rachelle Patille

  • Published

    Mar 12, 2024

  • Subject Area
    • Intergenerational initiatives
  • Audience
    • Academics
  • Category
    • Research & Evidence


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