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[Resource] Canadian Guidelines on Alcohol Use Disorder Among Older Adults

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Canadian Guidelines on Alcohol Use Disorder Among Older Adults

The Canadian Coalition for Seniors Mental Health (CCSMH) received a grant from the Substance Use and Addictions Program (SUAP) of Health Canada to create a set of four guidelines on the prevention, assessment, and management of substance use disorders among older adults for alcohol, benzodiazepines, cannabis, and opioids. The GRADE approach was utilized in the creation of these guidelines. The methodology can be found in a separate document at ccsmh.ca. An introduction to these guidelines which highlights issues of relevance to all four can be found at ccsmh.ca. These guidelines are not intended to provide a comprehensive guide on the use of these substances either by medical prescription or recreationally. The goal of this document is to provide useful guidance for clinicians on either preventing the development of alcohol use disorder or optimally assessing and treating older individuals who have developed such a disorder. Although our guidelines are described in four separate documents, multiple substance use is common. Clinicians are encouraged to utilize all of the guidelines when relevant.

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