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[Resource] Defining Pro-Black

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There is a shift afoot in the field, from critiquing white supremacist culture and calling out anti-Blackness to designing for pro-Blackness. So, we followed up with some of the writers who lent their expertise to this edition, and also interviewed Shanelle Matthews, the communications director for the Movement for Black Lives, in order to go more deeply into defining what we mean by pro-Blackness. We asked them the following questions:

  1. What does pro-Black mean?
  2. What are the characteristics of a pro-Black organization?
  3. What would a pro-Black sector sound, look, taste, and feel like?

The conversations that ensued can be found in full in this issue of NPQ. What follows are some of the main takeaways from those interviews.

Visit full resource to see how to be supportive of Black individuals and what Are the Characteristics of a Pro-Black Organization?

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    Non Profit Quarterly

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    Feb 26, 2024

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    • Age-friendly Communities
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