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Defy Dementia Episode 5: Boost Your Brain One Bite at a Time - DECEMBER 2023

Defy Dementia is back with a new episode! In episode 5, you’ll learn how your diet can impact your brain health. First, hear from Anjali Gupta, a retired dietician who has made several changes to her diet to reduce her dementia risk following her mother’s dementia diagnosis. Then, find out how food can affect the brain with Dr. Thomas Holland, a physician and nutrition expert from Rush Institute for Healthy Aging at Rush University Medical Center. Tune in at defydementia.org, or anywhere you get your podcasts, for practical tips to help you make brain-healthy food choices. To accompany this episode, the Defy Dementia team has also developed a one-minute animated video and infographic

Defy Dementia Episode 6: Resolutions to Reduce Your Dementia Risk in the New Year - JANUARY 2024

In this special episode of Defy Dementia, co-hosts Jay Ingram and Dr. Allison Sekuler reflect on what they have learned so far on the podcast and discuss resolutions to make for the new year to reduce their dementia risk. They also explore ways to make it easier to stick to resolutions beyond the first few days of January. Tune in at defydementia.org or anywhere you get your podcasts 


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Defy Dementia Minute Video - Let's Clear the Air: Reducing Air Pollution for Brain Health

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