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[Resource] Helping Movements Meet the Moment: What Philanthropy Can and Must Do

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Helping Movements Meet the Moment: What Philanthropy Can and Must Do

Sulma Arias and Manuel Pastor

January 18, 2024


A spray-painted message reading, “If you’re reading this, It’s time for change” in the style of the similarly titled Drake album.Image credit: hay s on Unsplash

Several overlapping crises are wreaking havoc in the United States and across the globe. From climate catastrophe and forced migration to economic inequality to the erosion of democracy and the rise of political violence—these deep problems are also opportunities for major advances in progressive narratives and policies.1 Yet too often, those of us committed to racial equity, economic inclusion, and multiracial democracy must fight rearguard battles against authoritarianism, racial exclusion, and planetary destruction.

As community power builders and social movement organizers engage in vibrant debates on how to address the immediate expressions and root causes of these multiple crises, social justice funders should take their own hard look at why the problems they have sought to address persist in such an exacerbated form. With so much fuel for change and so much money to spend, what’s coming up short in philanthropy, and what needs to be done?

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    Feb 26, 2024

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