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[Resource] The I4DM Definitional Matrix

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This tool in the spirit of ABUNDANCE - they ask that you agree to the following principles as you bring it into your practice:

  • In the spirit of RECIPROCITY: they ask you to credit any use of, or reference to, the I4DM to its original source: The Circle on Philanthropy; and, to use it in its full form by reading and understanding the preamble, the I4DM, the questions and the guidelines for use
  • In the spirit of ACCOUNTABILITY: they ask you to collect and share data with The Circle that describes how Indigenous, Black or racialized organizations have benefited from the use of this tool
  • In the spirit of CURIOSITY: they ask you to share what you and your organization learn and unlearn with The Circle as you do the internal work, individually and collectively, to shift policies and practices with the purpose of increasing resources and investment to Indigenous-led organizations and communities

The Definitional Matrix revised in 2022, now called the I4DM​, identifies 4 broad categories for organizations:

  • Indigenous benefiting
  • Indigenous informed
  • Indigenous Partnerships
  • Indigenous-led. 

​Download the I4DM below and explore the I4DM questions as a starting point to orient where you exist in relation to others. 

​Any use of, or reference to, the I4DM must credit its original source: The Circle on Philanthropy (2022).

This I4DM is meant to be shared and used to support the learning journey of organizations with the purpose of supporting the self-determination and sovereignty of Indigenous peoples. In the spirit of reciprocity, accountability and integrity, they are offering a two pager of guidelines for use to provide further context and considerations about the use of the I4DM. They expect organizations to take the I4DM in its full form, read and understand the preamble, the I4DM and the questions. 

  • By

    The Circle

  • Published

    Sep 27, 2023

  • Subject Area
    • Indigenous Peoples and Indigenous Relations
  • Audience
    • Caregivers, Seniors & Volunteers
  • Category
    • Toolkits


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