Webinar and Resources: Fall and Injury Prevention

Healthy Aging by United Way
Description / Summary

This one-hour introduction to Fall and Injury Prevention was presented by Bobbi Symes, National Coordinator, Canadian Falls Prevention Curriculum and Assistant Director, Population Health, United Way of the Lower Mainland. It can be accessed here.

Other relevant resources:

·         Visit the Canadian Fall Prevention Curriculum Website.  Here you will find information on upcoming courses, as well as important and useful resources and links

·         Register to attend an upcoming Canadian Fall Prevention online course the next one is scheduled for January 2020.

·         Simon Fraser University’s Technology for Injury Prevention in Seniors website. You will find videos of real life falls, education resources and up to date research on fall and injury prevention.

·         [agingisacontactsport.com/]Aging is a Contact Sport is a collaboration on the use of hip protectors.  It includes an information webinar, video, systematic review as well as several fall prevention resources

o   CADTH Report on Hip Protectors

o   Where to purchase hip protector clothing

·         Everybody Falls Sometime:  An Introduction to the Prevention of Falls and Injuries in Long Term Care is a 7 minute film that provides insight into falls in long term care settings.  This film features interviews with older adults who have experienced falls and the long term case staff who work to prevent them.

·         Evidence from Real-life Falls:   How to manage risk and prevent injuries in long-term care is a 12 minute film that showcases four fall case studies.  These are presented by fall injury experts and are accompanied by video-captured footage of falls.  This film highlights evidence based practice recommendations.