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Webinar: Promoting Health of Older Canadians: Developing Personal Skills & Reorienting Health Services

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From United Way Healthy Aging: The soon to be launched book, Promoting Health of Older Adults: The Canadian Experience, edited by I. Rootman, P. Edwards, M. Levasseur & F. Grunberg promises to be a welcome resource for learners, educators, practitioners and decision makers interested in supporting the health and wellness of older Canadians. This unique and timely book aims to enable a critical understanding of the context, environment and issues related to older adults in Canada as well as best or promising practices in health promotion, public health and the care of older adults. This webinar was originally hosted by Healthy Aging CORE BC. In this webinar, Dr. Irv Rootman introduced the book, providing a brief overview of its evolution and contents. Dr. Doris Gillis then focused on the complex interplay of individual and environmental factors influencing eating practices and the nutritional health of community-dwelling older adults as discussed in the chapter entitled, Building Personal Skills for Healthy Eating: From Risk to Resilience. Dr. Laura Kadowaki discussed the role of the community-based seniors’ services sector in supporting healthy eating for older adults and how sector strengthening and capacity-building can support this work, as discussed in the chapter entitled Improving Community Health and Social Services: A British Columbia Case Study. Participants were encouraged to share their insights within the context of current priorities related to identifying and addressing nutritional supports of older adults in their communities. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-TF5KMZ1m2U&ab_channel=HealthyAgingCORE

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    Healthy Aging CORE Team

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    Dec 05, 2022

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