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[Webinar Recoding] Connecting People & Community for Living Well – Transforming local care & supports to build and sustain wellbeing

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Connecting People and Community for Living Well work, an initiative that enhances the ability of multi-sector community teams to support the wellbeing of those living in the community affected by dementia. Leads of this work, Helen Lightfoot, Sharon Hamlin, and Karenn Chan will discuss how the Connecting People & Community for Living Well model builds sustainable ways for communities to support wellbeing.

To learn more about the Connecting People and Community Living Well work contact:

Helen Lightfoot at Helen.Lightfoot@ahs.ca

Sharon Hamlin at Sharon.Hamlin@ahs.ca

Links that were shared during the webinar




Focus on Wellbeing


Sharon Hamlin is a Registered Nurse with a broad range of experience spanning over 25 years in three provinces, and in rural and urban settings as a front-line clinician, and in management and provincial roles. Her current role as a Senior Practice Consultant gives her the opportunity to support community teams to build and enhance wellbeing of those living in their community.

Helen Lightfoot is a Senior Practice Consultant with Connecting People and Community for Living Well. Her background is in Social Work and Community Engagement in rural and urban settings. She was a frontline Home Care Case Manager for 20 years, and subsequently held management and practice lead positions. Throughout her career she has recognized the important role community plays in supporting people’s wellbeing. Helen’s preferred pronouns are She/Her

Karenn Chan's preferred pronouns are She/Her. Karenn is a Care of the Elderly Physician and Associate Professor with the Department of Family Medicine at the University of Alberta, in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. She trained in Family Medicine from Dalhousie University and completed her Care of the Elderly Training at the University of Alberta. Her research interests include supporting persons affected by dementia in the community, supporting caregivers, and teaching person- and family-centered care to medical learners.

[Webinar] Connecting People & Community for Living Well – Transforming local care & supports to build and sustain wellbeing

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    United Way

  • Published

    Jun 12, 2023

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