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[Webinar Recordings] I'm Still Me Dementia webinar video series

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Dementia Raising Awareness 

Brella Society  

I’m Still Me is a series of in-person and online community events aimed at creating awareness about dementia, deconstructing prejudice, reducing barriers, and fostering more dementia-inclusive communities. 

Week 1: Understanding Dementia

Week 1: Unravel the intricacies of this challenging condition. This video provides education about Dementia, it’s various forms, symptoms and risk factors. 

Week 2 Dementia Causes and Risk Factors

Week 2: Explore the secrets of Dementia with a comprehensive video divulging into the causes and risk factors. Gain more knowledge of the effects of age, genetics, environmental and life style factors which can influences Dementia’s onset.

Week 3 Dementia Truths and Misconceptions

This presentation debunks common myths surrounding dementia and offers a realistic portrayal of the disease. Attendees can gain in-depth knowledge about the realities of living with dementia and ways to support those affected by it, both emotionally and physically.

Week 4 Cognitive Reserve: What is it and why it is important

In this presentation, attendees will learn about cognitive reserve - a concept that refers to the brain's ability to resist damage and maintain cognitive function. Find out why cognitive reserve is important and how it can be built up through certain methods, including regular exercise, learning new skills, and engaging in mentally stimulating activities.

Week 6. Changing Mindsets Shifting Mental Models to End Dementia Stigma

Viewers will learn how to challenge existing mental models surrounding dementia and see the disease through a more compassionate lens. With an emphasis on changing mindsets, this session seeks to reduce the stigma surrounding dementia and elevate empathy towards individuals living with it.

Week 7 I'm Still Me-Mindset and Bias Toward Dementia A Societal and Self Level Shift

This education session  offers attendees an opportunity to delve into a thoughtful conversation about the perspectives and prejudices surrounding dementia, both at a personal and societal scale. By delving into the human aspects of the condition, participants can cultivate a deeper understanding and empathy towards individuals living with dementia, while also contributing to the alleviation of detrimental stereotypes

Week 8 A Dementia Diagnosis: Now What?

Gain valuable guidance and support for individuals, caregivers, and the community in this impactful presentation on navigating life after a dementia diagnosis, empowering everyone involved to find meaningful ways to adapt, cope, and provide care.

Week 9: Building Dementia-Friendly Communities Strategies for Success

This informative session explores the concept of building dementia-friendly communities and offers actionable strategies for success. Attendees will gain insightful and practical information on developing supportive and empowering environments that accommodate the needs of individuals living with dementia.

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    Brella Society

  • Published

    Jan 11, 2024

  • Subject Area
    • General Health and Wellness
    • Mental Health and Wellness
    • Social Connectedness / Social Isolation
    • Age-friendly Communities
  • Audience
    • Service Providers (Non-profits, Community Organizations, Local government)
    • Caregivers, Seniors & Volunteers
    • Health Authorities
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    • Recorded webinar
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