WEBINAR: Social Isolation and Aging - An Introduction to Risk Factors and Responses

Healthy Aging by United Way
Description / Summary

Social connectedness is an important determinant of health, and includes such things as frequency of contact with others, satisfaction with personal relationships, social support, and engagement in the community. Evidence shows that social connectedness and a sense of belonging is vital to health and well being, and affects most aspects of life, such as learning, employment, participation, and sense of purpose.

This webinar explores how many of the risk factors for social isolation, such as disability, depression, chronic disease, or living alone, often increase as people age, and can accumulate over time, accelerating the aging process and increasing the need for healthcare services and other supports.

• Dr. Joanie Sims-Gould, Associate Professor, Department of Family Practice, University of BC; CHHM Research Scientist, Knowledge Translation, focusing on social isolation, loneliness and mobility; and
• Eddy Elmer, PhD student, addressing social isolation in more marginalized groups, including LGBTQ older adults and prison populations; and
• Lesley Steinman, MSW, MPH from the University of Washington Health Promotion Research Center, focusing on depression and social connectedness, and introducing the PEARLS program.

The Social Isolation and Aging webinar has now been archived and you can find the recording of the webinar here:

Social Isolation and Aging Recording