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Resources on CORE include checklists, toolkits, reports, studies, videos, and other materials on topics relevant to those working or volunteering in support of healthy aging and older adults independent living.

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Learning from Practice: Promoting Well-Being and Health Equity Among Older Adults

National Collaborating Centre for Determinants of Health

Recognizing health inequities experienced by older adults in Canada and the need for comprehensive health promotion and public health approaches, the National Collaborating Centre for Determinants of Health (NCCDH), Health Promotion Canada and the editors of Promoting the health of older adults: The

The Psychology of Loneliness: Why it matters and what we can do

Campaign to End Loneliness

This report aims to address the current gap in our understanding of the psychological and emotional aspects of loneliness. We cover the role these play in our ability to form meaningful connections and how this knowledge can inform and improve the support for those experiencing loneliness, particula

Enhancing Eviction Prevention Supports for Older Adults in Social Housing

Christine Sheppard, Seong-gee Um

Evictions are a key source of housing instability for low-income older renters. This community is particularly vulnerable to evictions due to a complex interplay of financial, social, and health factors that place housing at-risk. While research suggests social housing may offer some protection agai

WHO releases new guide and toolkit on age-friendly cities and communities


As population ageing and urbanization rapidly progress worldwide, making our cities and communities more age-friendly is crucial to maximise the opportunities offered by longer lives.A new guide released by the World Health Organization (WHO), National programmes for age-friendly cities and communit

Guide outlines 10 Ways Local Government Can Propel Positive Social Change

Tamarack Institute

The Tamarack Institute is offering a guide titled 10 Ways Local Government Can Propel Positive Social Change. As communities face increasingly complex social challenges, local governments face a call to action. The guide outlines how to lead and work better together with others as communities pivo

Dr. Catherine Donnelly | Neighbours helping neighbours age well at home

Dr. Catherine Donnelly

“Neighbours helping neighbours age well at home”This talk was sponsored by the William J. Henderson Foundation Dr. Catherine Donnelly Associate Professor, School of Rehabilitation Therapy and Department of Family Medicine Director, Health Services and Policy Research Institute We often take the

Webinar Recording: Supporting the end-of-life journey: Serious and advance illness planning with a doula

End-of-Life Doula Association

As an aging population faces their end-of-life journey, more Canadians are seeking education, resources, and support to improve this inevitable experience for themselves, their extended families, and their community. End-of-Life doulas are companions who provides non-medical practical and emotional

On ageism and the rights of older people, with Dr. Kiran Rabheru

Healthy Aging CORE and HelpAge Canada

If we permit ageism, we promote it. Join Dr. Kiran Rabheru as he discusses the social, political, psychological, and moral implications of ageism, and learn what's being done to codify the rights of older people on the world stage.Dr. Kiran Rabheru is a Geriatric Psychiatrist with The Ottawa Hospita

When Local Won’t Do: Referrals for Vulnerable Adults in BC


Hundreds of adults in BC use services that help them with quality of life: meal services, seniors’ centres, day programs and more. But when an adult is vulnerable or incapable of making their own decisions, how do we intercede to ensure their best interests are looked after? The Decision Tree, a p


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