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Resources on CORE include checklists, toolkits, reports, studies, videos, and other materials on topics relevant to those working or volunteering in support of healthy aging and older adults independent living.

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[Article] Study: "Sandwiched" between multiple unpaid caregiving responsibilities

Statistics Canada

Released: 2024-04-02Who provides unpaid care in Canada's care economy? In 2022, 13.4 million Canadians aged 15 years and older (42%)—over two in five people in this age group—provided unpaid care in the previous 12 months to children younger than 15 years old or to youth aged 15 ye

[Webinar Recording] Forward with Dementia Webinar: Promoting Hope Through Culturally-Specific Dementia Resources

Schlegal-UW Research Institute

Previously recorded webinar from January 24, 2024. People living with dementia and caregivers have a right to information that is aligned with their unique culture, and can support them to live fulfilling lives and have hope for their future.It is critical that resources and education are culturall

[Article] Learning from older adults: The wholeness of aging in the right place

Maxine Ho, AIRP Vancouver Undergraduate Research Assistant

Click HERE to learn moreLearning from older adults: The wholeness of aging in the right placeBy Maxine Ho, AIRP Vancouver Undergraduate Research AssistantIt is a cloudy day in Metro Vancouver with some snow covering the sidewalks. My research partner and I are comfortably seated in an interview part

[Resource] Transformative Research Toolkit

Othering and Belonging Institute Berkeley

Transformative Research ToolkitWe have seen and participated in transformative research strategies that defeated proposed jail expansions, won millions of dollars for community-prioritized programs, and built new community-led organizations that changed a political landscape, among many other achi

[Podcast] Time To Talk - A Podcast for Caregivers

The Ontario Caregiver Organization

Click HERE to learn moreTime to Talk PodcastBy The Ontario Caregiver OrganizationThis podcast is brought to you by The Ontario Caregiver Organization. Each week, host Michelle Jobin is joined by experts to discuss the things that matter most to caregivers. From balancing parenting and caregiving to

[Podcast] Lets Talk About Aging Parents

The Dan MacDonald Show

Click HERE to listenLaura Tamblyn Watts, CEO of CanAge talks about how to have the conversation with your parent or family member about going into long term care

[Resource] Building financial stability and well-being: Making the most of tax season

McMaster Optimal Aging Portal

Click HERE to learn moreThe Bottom LineOlder adults should regularly review their finances and consider available resources to aid in financial management.It is important for older adults to understand their financial situation, as it contributes to a sense of financial security and overall well-bei

[Report] Time is Running Out: Investing Now to Meet the Care Needs of Ontario’s Seniors 2024-25 Provincial Pre-Budget Priorities and Recommendations

AdvantAge Ontario

Time is Running Out:Investing Now to Meet the Care Needs of Ontario’s Seniors2024-25 Provincial Pre-Budget Priorities and RecommendationsAdvantAge Ontario believes that increased funding in the next provincial budget should focus on four critical areas:> Health human resources> Long-term car


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